Vision & Mision

Hotel Avcılar City*** Vision & Mision

The main constituent of the vision of Hotel Avcılar  City ***  is the sustainability with high quality within the tourism sector we are operating in and absolute customer satisfaction. Our mission surrounding this constituent is adapting the innovations of our era, to renew ourselves with continuous investments and to meet all needs and expectations of our customers with appropriate price options.    Our main target while succeeding these is to become the leading Boutique Hotel of Istanbul Avcılar region with our standards and to develop and expand this target both personally and corporately.  


Our Vision


  • Our vision is to become the leader of our sector by ensuring unconditional customer satisfaction by means of our good-quality and innovative services.


Our Mission


  • to provide the same excellent solutions for the demands of all of our customers starting from individual, initial level users to  corporate, professional level customers .
  • To upgrade the quality, productivity and accessibility to top level with the solutions we provide.
  • To create a corporation with high customer potential, satisfying the customers 100% through provided high-quality services while being able to introduce this understanding as mush user as possible.


Our Values


  • We are loyal to ethical values, commercial ethics.
  • We believe the value of human and we invest for human.
  • We endeavor to set the quality awareness in all areas. 
  • Customer satisfaction is the main principle.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • We believe the value of gaining permanent guests considering partnerships with our guests in long term.
  • We are thinking in place of our guests, we are producing appropriate, value adding solutions.
  • Acting with proactive approach, we are taking the measures for potential problem in advance.


Quality Policy


  • We should create new employment areas with continuous investments.
  • We should implement the possibilities of information era to all of our service areas.


  • In order to succeed, we should enhance the loyalty of our employees to our hotel through trainings encouraging innovative and creative offers, to increase the efficiency and service quality with team spirit.  .
  • We should protect the mutual respect and honesty principals in our actions against our guests and employees.
  • We should be aware of our responsibilities to our community, environment and humanity.

Our main target is to meet the needs and expectations of our guests with a better quality service understanding that they can expect

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